Award and Advancement Resources

The following resources are provided to help Scouts in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area meet requirements to earn their badges or work toward advancements.

Hansen Nature Center at Tinker Park
Programs are offered to help meet the badge requirements for Scouts. Programs are generally held on Saturday mornings or a day that school is not in session.
The cost is $2.00/Scout with a $15.00 minimum.
Naturalist, Forester

Tinker Park Orienteering
One of the newest features of Tinker Nature Park is an orienteering course.  Orienteering is the sport of navigation with a map and compass.  Copies of the orienteering map are available in the nature center.  Laminated color copies are available for loan.
You may download a copy of the orienteering map along with a copy of the brochure “Orienteering for Beginners” online.

Rochester Museum and Science Center Webelo Badge Programs
Each program is over one-day.  Choose the schedule that best fits your group.
$7 per scout, $4 per adult

Did you know that there are almost as many types of engineers as there are jobs to be done?
Put your investigative powers to the test—ask questions and discover answers!

Study the history of Earth and its life—how was it made?

Study living creatures and plants in the wild.

A forester’s work is important to the well being of the planet. What can you do?

Rochester Museum & Science Center Bear Loop and Pin Programs
Each class is 2 hours long.  Select the schedule that works best for your group.
$7 per scout, $4 per adult.

Master the skies and become a meteorologist for the day.
Play American Indian games as you learn about the native peoples of our area.
What do you see when you look toward the sky?

Rochester Museum & Science Center Pack Camp-Ins
Choose the topic and schedule that works best for your group. THIS IS NOT A BADGE PROGRAM.
$30 per scout, $10 per adult
Explore the many facets of engineering and then sleep in the Museum!
Meets at the Museum Building.

Enjoy messy mixtures and creative concoctions, and then sleep in the Museum!
Meets at the Museum Building.

Learn about the wonders of the sky. Enjoy a show in our Star Theatre, and then sleep in the Museum!

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